Telehealth Modernization Surges as COVID Propels Utilization

The dedicated team of service provider professionals offering medical billing services, telehealth consultation, and telemedicine billing solutions recently highlighted the modernizations within telehealth and how COVID-19 was a catalyst driving mass adoption. Additionally, with ongoing investments and innovations, telehealth is expanding prolifically. Our insights highlighted the expansive increase in US healthcare spending on telehealth consultation as telehealth proves a viable option in fighting COVID-19. We explored easier access, various cost reduction methods, and many other practical and valuable innovations with an outlook on provider modernizations. We are delighted to report that our release was syndicated and published by many leading journalistic outlets, including:     

and more. We applaud Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Morningstar, and nearly 100 other outlets for sharing our findings. This reach encompassed a potential audience of over 99 million who can also read, share, and engage in modern telehealth care’s value and benefits. With the dramatic influx of telehealth services, we invite you to explore the smart way to bill. Contact our team today and learn how efficient medical billing services can benefit you.

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