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Every Reputation has a Beginning! 

U Control Billing has built a reputation worthy of being your partner in helping you build a successful, profitable and growing medical practice through its unique and all-encompassing internationally renowned revenue cycle management.

Our aim is to provide you unequivocally proven outsourced and fully managed services critical to a medical business/healthcare practice that benefit you and every area of your business needs. Saving you time and money, whilst empowering you with MORE control over your billing, patient care and overall growth!

Services ecosystem U controlbilling

Medical Billing Cycle

Medical Billing

U Control Billing is one of the best medical billing values out there. 
Why? Because we provide far more

Telemedicine Billing

Telemedicine utilizes the power of tech & digital communications, especially in the challenging era 

Front Office

Our Front Office Management team is highly experienced in various vital Front Office Management

Medical Coding

U Control Billing prides itself on providing quality & reliability beyond the normal scope of medical billing

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is the process of transcribing voice-recorded medical reports that are

Medical Credentialing

Physicians and other healthcare practitioners such as Hospital, Internal Medicine, Chiropractor

What do you get from us?

Working With Us, You Get


We manage revenue cycles so that you can handle patients with timeliness, effectiveness and solid focus.


Higher reimbursements and lower AR

Easy Implementation

Fast, simple transition of RCM services


New Medical Practice

Focus on patients instead of business administration; grow your practice and scale your business.

Get Paid Faster

Fewer rejections and proper claims tracking


We strictly follow all the guidelines of HIPAA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Medical Billing Services?

Medical billing services are utilized to process, submit and follow up on health insurance claims for saving your staff time.

Why should I trust U Control Billing for Medical Billing Services?

Our expert team members are pioneers in the field of medical billing, and we provide the best possible solutions for your ease. We are here to assist you 24/7 with any problems or queries.

What makes U Control billing different from other Billing Services?

We provide you with inexpensive solutions with highly effective results. UControl Billing does not believe in a “One-Size-Fits-All” instead we adapt according to your practice requirements.

What does U Control Billing do?

We provide medical billing and practice management services to optimize your revenue cycle.

What are the types of Medical Billing?

There are basically two types of medical billing, which are professional and institutional billing.

  • Professional billing is used in individual Physicians’ practices.
  • Within institutional billing, medical billers handle billing for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.

Why Choose U Control Billing?

 We consider ourselves a “Remote Business Office”, leaving you with the feeling that we are in the next room, always ready to respond to your needs – as needed!


Improved Quality & Increase in Revenue


Billing in 24 Hours & Timely Follow ups


Patient Support & Customer Services


Reduction in Account Receivables


HIPAA Compliance

More Control Over Billing, Patient care & Growth!

U Control Billing has always spearheaded success by focusing on modernization and execution. This means we utilize our resources with tact and skill while empowering people to do what they do best.

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