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Our Pricing Plans

At UControlBilling, we offer all-encompassing outsourced Medical Billing & Process services at affordable pricing. 

UControlBilling offers 2 Pricing Plans:


Medical Billing Only


Complete Revenue Cycle Management

We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid.

When billing in-house you face fixed costs but with UControlBilling your costs are based on monthly receipts. If your production dips because you are on vacation, so does your cost of billing. We only get paid when you get paid.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Our pricing is exceptionally reasonable given the level of service and expertise that we deliver. Please find below the list of services included in each plan.

Services Included

Credentialing, Enrollment and EFT Setup

Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

Eligibility Verification

Charge Entry

Rules-based Claim Review and Scrubbing

Electronic Claim Submission

Paper Claim Submission (HCFA-1500)

Payment Posting

Patient Statement Processing

Daniel Review and Management

Monthly/YTD financial reports

Collection Agency

Wellness Visit Reminder Calls

Flu Shot Calls

Balance Reminder Calls

Billing Only


Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Charges Apply

Note: There is a separate charge for MIPS / MACRA consultation and some of the Value-added services.

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