“The Smartest Way to Bill”

Speed up your revenue cycle while focusing more on patient care

Our Vision & Mission

The very foundation of U Control Billing can be summed up in one word as: “Experience”

Our highly skilled and experienced team has performed every medical billing position from charge entry, to AR follow-up, to electronic data interchange and many other critical routine tasks that are vital to the health of your practice.

We continuously strive to exceed your expectations, so we’re never too busy to return a call or email. That means you’ll always know the most updated status of your accounts.

Since we’re a highly customer-focused firm, we remain nimble and flexible – ready to spring into action or switch gears when you need us to. And we always deliver on time.  Always!

Bill Smartly with Powerful Outsourced Billing Solutions
  • Competitive Price
  • Skilled & Experienced Team
  • Reduce your overall expenses
  • Maximize your reimbursements
  • Uninterrupted service & stability

Get Your Claims Paid

We know how to get your claims paid the first time, without delays, roadblocks or complexities!

U Control Billing enhances your efficiency and streamlines your medical practice’s workflows so that you can provide better patient care and create a pleasant environment for each patient visit. Successfully! Each and every time.

Competitive Price

Most billing services offer the same package; charge entry, claim submission, payment posting, patient billing, and AR follow-up. U Control Billing’s services far exceed this basic package and we ensure you are comparing “apples to apples” when selecting your new billing service.

Uninterrupted Service

Our team is always prepared to answer patient calls, submit claims to the insurance, and resolve any other issues impacting cash flow. If one of our team members is on vacation there is always another member of our team ready to pick up where they left off.

Max Reimbursement

Our team’s experience and knowledge make U Control Billing your highly trusted partner in the medical billing industry. Our knowledge of reimbursement structures, LCDs, and payer contracts ensure we maximize your reimbursement.

We Keep Our Promises

We all know actions speak louder than words, so hear from our clients how we’ve come through on our promises:


We will strive to maximize your gross receipts and collections.


We will allow you to focus on your core competency.


We will treat you like a partner.


We will provide solutions.


We will be responsive.

Grow & Scale Your Medical Practice

By spearheading control over control costs, eliminating errors, and strengthening a strong sense of understanding, we strive to improve the quality of your patient care; a critical element to any medical practice.

We devise a strong bridge between doctors and patients, hospitals and private practices, and insurance companies with tact, diligence, skill, expertise and unrivaled experience that speaks pure results.


Medical Credentialing Services

Medical Transcription Services

What Clients Say About Us?

  • We had some hiccups in the start however later it became a smooth journey. Their attention to detail and quick response has helped me to improve my collection rate overall. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable billing outsourcing partner and keep control on your billing.
    Eric Blacker
  • They are always quite responsive to any question we may have and have been able to obtain a higher level of claims processed than our previous biller. Their team of billing personal has a level of experience that is unmatched, and they were able to integrate with our EMR seamlessly. I would recommend this company to any private practice looking for a billing service of higher quality.
    Andrea Warburton
  • UControl Billing has helped me grow my outpatient therapy clinic by taking over the part of billing. They are very efficient and always on top of reimbursements. I would highly recommend this company to any Medical Professionals looking for a trusted billing outsourcing partner.
    Linda Lukose

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