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Medical Coding Services

Medical Coding Solutions

U Control Billing prides itself in providing quality and reliability beyond the normal scope of a medical billing and coding service at one cost.

We provide far more than data entry and claim transmission services; we ensure that your claims are accurately submitted to the insurance carrier the first time based on the individual carrier’s requirements.

Similarly, with our Medical Coding Services, we empower you to meet the financial and compliance goals of your organization – effectively!

Our medical coding and consulting service’s main motive is to automate and enable optimized revenue cycle workflow so our clients can focus on high-value duties like taking care of patients and making them satisfied

How it Works?

Our coding staff is well versed and highly proficient in providing services such as:


Improve your coding accuracy


ICD 10 CM, CPT, HCPCS, NDC and Modifiers


Provider note Audits and Code Reviews


Specialty and Payer specific coding requirements

Medical billing reports Ucontrol billing

With a comprehensive range of proven Medical Coding Services, we ensure to minimize errors, reducing lag days and optimize revenue.

We assure tactful, efficient and accurate claim submissions via our professional coding services that are dispensed by experienced and highly trained professionals who are masters of their craft. To the contrary, if claims are not submitted accurately they result in heavy loss. Incorrect coding may result in inaccurate claim submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work with Medical Coding Services?

The transformation of healthcare diagnosis, medical services, and procedures into universal alphanumeric codes is known as medical coding. Medical coding professionals always ensure that codes are applied effectively during medical billing procedures.

What are Medical Coding Services?

Within medical coding services, every aspect of patient care is documented so it can be billed successfully.

How much should I be charged for Medical Coding Services?

It depends upon the package you choose.

What are the steps in the Medical Coding process?

There are multiple steps involved in the medical coding process:

  • Abstracting the documentation
  • Query if necessary
  • Code the diagnosis
  • Code the procedures
  • Confirm medical necessity
  • Double-check your codes

How do I fix Medical Coding errors?

You can contact us and take our services to avoid or fix any medical coding errors.

Which Software is used for Medical Coding Service?

Software like Epic, Centricity, Eclipse, and others are on the top. Also, we can use any software that clients desire.

What Clients Say About Us?

  • We had some hiccups in the start however later it became a smooth journey. Their attention to detail and quick response has helped me to improve my collection rate overall. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable billing outsourcing partner and keep control on your billing.
    Eric Blacker
  • They are always quite responsive to any question we may have and have been able to obtain a higher level of claims processed than our previous biller. Their team of billing personal has a level of experience that is unmatched, and they were able to integrate with our EMR seamlessly. I would recommend this company to any private practice looking for a billing service of higher quality.
    Andrea Warburton
  • UControl Billing has helped me grow my outpatient therapy clinic by taking over the part of billing. They are very efficient and always on top of reimbursements. I would highly recommend this company to any Medical Professionals looking for a trusted billing outsourcing partner.
    Linda Lukose

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