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Touseef Riaz

May 30, 2022

medical coding company in usa

After the pandemic, medical billing and coding became a prominent area of attention in the healthcare industry. The challenges brought by Covid-19 forced healthcare providers to transform their medical billing and coding procedures to avoid reimbursement issues. You have to find a renowned medical coding company in USA that can manage your coding tasks effectively. 

Medical coding refers to translating patient health care information and medical services and procedures used into alphanumeric codes. The data for these codes are collected through patient records, laboratory results, physician recommendations, and other documentation that are converted into code. These codes are then sent to the insurance companies, and they evaluate these codes’ effectiveness for reimbursements. 

Any errors in medical codes result in claim denials by insurance companies. Therefore, it’s very important to eradicate these errors and prevent them to avoid any problems. This article will go through the errors that may occur in medical coding procedures and how you can avoid them. 

medical coding company in usa

Few Common Medical Coding Errors

The medical coding errors that are found commonly are: 

  • Running short on data 

If you have provided incomplete information to the insurance companies regarding medical codes, it can result in claim denials. For a successful reimbursement, one should have complete and authentic knowledge of medical coding procedures. 

Employee errors, knowledge deficiency, and inaccurate patient diagnosis information are the reasons for claim denials. 

If, as a healthcare provider, you are facing any medical coding problems, searching for an authentic and well-known medical coding company in the USA and outsourcing medical coding from them is the lucrative solution to cure these problems. 

  • Upcoding 

When patients are billed for those medical procedures that were not performed at all, upcoding occurs. It can damage the reputation of your healthcare company if you commit these types of errors. 

Upcoding errors result from employee mistakes in the billing department when they are confused about the information provided by healthcare physicians or doctors. Therefore, to avoid these hurdles, you must outsource your medical coding services to an authentic medical coding company in USA

  • Inaccurate information 

Medical coding errors often occur if you are not qualified enough to incorporate accurate information. These medical coding errors can be avoided if you cross-check all the information before submitting a claim request. 

Missing important information like patient name, address, insurance information, and other important things can cause claim denials. A medical coder can incorporate any inaccurate information accidentally. If medical coders don’t cross-check the entered information, it can easily lead to the denial of claims from insurance companies. 

  • Improper procedure codes 

Little mistakes or unconsciousness during the incorporation of codes in the document can disrupt your claim reimbursement procedure. If your claims are sent back to your hospital without being paid, your staff is not following the latest medical coding guidelines

You must avoid medical coding errors to enhance the credibility of your healthcare organization and receive successful claim reimbursements. An effective medical coding company can improve your coding procedures resulting in negligible claim denials and generating profits. 

How to Avoid These Medical Coding Errors?

Medical coding is the most important step in the medical billing process. Patients are reimbursed based on medical codes entered against the treatment or service they are receiving. Medical billers should be well aware of this industry’s latest medical codes and updates. 

Your medical coding and billing department efficiency relies on the level of education and training programs healthcare companies offer to their employees. There are thousands of medical codes present in the healthcare industry, and it’s very difficult for medical coders to update their knowledge according to the changes. Providing training sessions to medical coders can reduce the claim denials percentage, resulting in profits. 

Providing training sessions to your medical billing department is costly as it requires excessive financial resources. Suppose you are the one running a healthcare company. In that case, outsourcing your medical coding services from a trustworthy medical coding company in USA can make your life easy and save you money. These medical billing companies have all the latest knowledge and capable staff that can improvise your revenue cycle.

Smooth and clear communication is another way to avoid medical coding errors. Physicians should properly communicate with patients to ensure all the paperwork has been done accurately. Your front desk communication with patients and each other is mandatory to avoid including falsified information in medical documentation. 

Why is Outsourcing Medical Coding Services the Best Choice?

Your healthcare company’s fundamental aim is to provide the best health services to patients for immediate recovery. Handling medical billing procedures and patient healthcare duties can be hectic and difficult to manage. 

Being a healthcare provider, you have to manage your revenue cycle to get handsome returns. If your billing department is knowledgeable and capable of handling medical coding tasks, claim denials reach the minimum. However, updates in the medical codes occur often, and having updated medical coding information is difficult to attain.  You have to provide your staff with training sessions and updated software and tools to remain competitive in the medical coding process. Overall this process is costly. 

You can outsource your medical coding tasks from the best medical coding company in USA like U Control billing and optimize your revenue cycle management process. We are a cost-effective solution to your complex medical billing problems with promising deliverable results.     


Medical coding tasks of healthcare companies are essential to handle with complete care to avoid rejection of reimbursements from insurance companies. In this article, you can witness the possible errors in medical coding and the ways to prevent them. 

U Control billing is a renowned medical coding company in USA looking forward to providing you with their top-notch medical coding and billing services anytime on your call. We ensure promising and effective results once you outsource our services. 


What is medical coding?

Medical coding is converting healthcare information and medical services provided to the patient in the form of alphanumeric codes. Based on these medical codes, claims are reimbursed. 

What are common medical coding services errors?

A few medical coding services errors often committed are running short on data, including falsified information and upcoding errors.  

How do you prevent medical coding service errors?

Healthcare companies can prevent medical coding service errors through effective communication between staff and patients, cross-checking information, and providing training sessions to the billing department. The best option to prevent medical coding problems is outsourcing your medical billing and coding tasks from U Control billing. 

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