Common Types Of Medical Coding And Consulting Services

Touseef Riaz

May 17, 2022

Medical Coding And Consulting Services

Medical coding is a vital part of the revenue cycle and a source of communication between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Medical providers have to incorporate accurate medical codes to receive reimbursements successfully.

You can outsource medical coding and consulting services to run a healthcare company. This article will go through the ins and outs of medical coding.

Medical Coding And Consulting Services

What is Medical Coding?

The accuracy of medical coding services is crucial to maintaining the revenue cycle of your healthcare company. Accurate medical coding helps maintain patient records and provides useful statistics on the overall financial exchange. If your medical coding is accurate, you can receive reimbursements from insurance companies.

In short, “Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, medical services and equipment into alphanumeric codes.”

Nowadays, most healthcare providers are outsourcing their medical coding and consulting services from renowned medical billing institutions.,

Different Types of Medical Codes

  • ICD codes 

ICD codes were developed to classify different diseases in the form of coding. It includes the varied classification of different signs, symptoms, complaints, social circumstances, external causes of injury, etc.

The ICD classification system is collaboratively designed by the World Health Organization and different international centers to group the medical terms reported by healthcare providers for statistical purposes.

  • CPT codes 

CPT codes provide healthcare providers with a uniform language for accurate coding of medical services for streamlining reports and increasing efficiency.

These CPT codes are also used in claim processing and developing guidelines for medical care review. CPT is the most widely accepted terminology in the medical industry across the USA. CPT codes consist of 5 digits and can be in the form of numeric or alphanumeric, reliant on the category.

  • HCPCS codes 

HCPCS is the collection of codes representing different services and procedures that can be provided to patients enrolled in private health insurance programs. Another coding system used in the US is HCPCS levels I and II. These codes are utilized for billing Medicare and Medicaid patients.

  • Modifiers 

CPT modifiers are used to enhance information or pursue adjustments in care descriptions to provide extra information about a procedure or service offered by a medical doctor. Code modifiers assist in the further description of procedure code without changing its meaning.

Different healthcare providers also use HCPCS codes as modifiers. These two-digit alphanumeric characters provide additional information regarding medical procedures. Overall, these codes help better understand multiple medical procedures performed.

  • DRG codes

DRG Codes are used to categorize patients with a similar clinical diagnosis for controlling hospital costs and determining reimbursement rates. Many insurance companies in the US pay according to the DRG used; accuracy is very important for accurate reimbursements.

Medical Coding Uses

The uses of medical coding include:

  • Medical codes act as a means of communication between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Healthcare providers should be accurate and conscious in using medical codes for successful reimbursements.
  • Accurate medical coding assists medical facilities monitor progress and diseases.
  • More importantly, accurate medical coding information provides in-depth information about disease patterns in different population groups. It acknowledges the government to take necessary actions against the disease spreading beyond the normal level.


Accurate medical coding is a fundamental part of revenue cycle management. If the medical codes are properly documented, you can receive reimbursements successfully without any delay.

Many medical coding consulting companies aim to provide healthcare companies with exceptional medical coding services. We recommend you outsource your medical coding services and spend valuable time on patient care as a healthcare provider.


What are medical coding and consulting services?

Medical coding converts healthcare diagnoses, medical services and equipment into alphanumeric codes. The coding consultant reviews all of the patient information carefully to ensure that data is entered accurately.

What are common medical coding and consulting services errors?

The common errors include:

  • Confusing codes
  • Mismatched codes
  • Duplicate billing

How do you prevent medical coding and consulting services errors?

  • Always cross-check the claims before submitting them to insurance providers.
  • You should also keep a record of submitted claims.
  • Verification of medical necessity before treatment is important.

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