Medical Billing for Radiology Guide

Touseef Riaz

December 5, 2022

Medical Billing For Radiology

Radiology is a medical specialty that interprets diagnostic imaging studies, such as x-rays and computed tomography (CT). Radiologists are specially trained to interpret images using their anatomy, physics, and medical knowledge. Moreover, it helps diagnose and treat diseases since it is a required field you must consider when choosing medical billing for radiology services.

medical billing for radiology

The medical billing process can be intimidating for anyone who’s never dealt with it. That’s where this guide comes in: as a primer for novice medical billers on the medical billing process for radiology services. Regarding medical billing advice, there are two primary types of healthcare professionals: radiologists and radiologic technologists (RTs). This guide is designed to help people understand their duties related to medical billing. Moreover, you will get to know the things you should look for before hiring a reliable medical agency. 

Basics of Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process of representing the medical services provided to a patient. For example, to successfully bill for radiology services, you must understand how these services are billed and what constitutes a “radiology report.”

In general terms, a radiology report consists of two parts: 

1) Findings from imaging tests (such as x-rays),

 2) Interpretation by an individual radiologist or another qualified physician specializing in diagnosing diseases using imaging studies. 

Various imaging tests are performed multiple times during an individual’s lifetime—from newborn screenings to late adulthood. So, these reports may include information on many different conditions or diseases. The most common examples include chest x-rays when there’s concern about lung issues. Moreover, abdominal ultrasounds check for pregnancy complications; CT scans examine tumors inside the body. And MRI scans look inside soft tissue organs such as internal organs (liver) or bones (spine).

The following are the main advantages of using the billing services:

  • Aids in creating a strategy

The medical billing company assists in creating a plan for the medical requirements of each patient.

  • Data about the patient is gathered.

Information on the patient’s name, address, phone number, and insurance is gathered with its assistance.

  • Make claims

You can prepare claims for reimbursement from insurance providers or other private payers with the aid of a billing company.

  • Offers competent guidance

The medical firm of advanced radiology billing always offers expert guidance on managing chronic illnesses or impairments because they are made up of professional staff.

Why should you take medical billing services?

You will likely be asked to bill for your services as a physician. However, you can save time and money by doing it yourself. You can also focus on your business by focusing on billing. So, if you are busy doing your work, you can hire these services to make your work easy. 

Moreover, if you think billing is too complicated or tedious, many companies provide radiology medical coding services at affordable rates. So these companies help their clients get better results from their practices. If a company offers these services at an affordable rate, why not take advantage of them? U Control billing provides the best and most affordable rates to various clients; you can get these services from them. 

What does radiology mean?

Radiology is the medical specialty that uses imaging technologies to diagnose disease, assess risk, and monitor therapy. These experts use x-rays, ultrasound, or CT scans (CAT scans) to pinpoint potential problems such as tumors and visualize structures inside the body, like bones and organs.

A radiologist must have access to images from multiple sources to diagnose a patient’s condition accurately. For instance, CT scans or MRI machines require specialized training to interpret these scans into something readable by humans correctly. So, they would make sure patients understand what they see on screen. 

How do experts code radiology reports?

Coding is assigning a unique code or definition to each medical procedure. The reason for coding is to ensure that billing information accurately reflects what has been done. Moreover, it also tells what should be done to receive payment from your insurance company or HMO.

Billing services are typically outsourced to independent contractors who specialize in coding and calculating charges for medical procedures performed by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Medical billers use a variety of software programs for it. So, they create accurate reports on patient visits, surgeries, lab tests, and hospital stays. All of these require particular codes based on their type (i.e., whether they were outpatient or inpatient), date of service (from birth through death) as well as diagnosis code(s).

How is medical billing for radiology helpful for you?

This type of billing is quite helpful for you. Here are the benefits that you would get from hiring these services. 

  • Gives better understanding 

A good billing agency can provide you with a better understanding of the medical billing process. Being a typical man, you would not be able to understand the sure thing. Therefore, hiring a good agency would help you a lot. 

  • Increasing efficiency

By taking an outsourced service like Radbilling for Radiology (RAR), you may quickly and affordably finish all your bills, saving you the time and money you would have spent if you had to do them yourself. In addition, this will aid in increasing productivity so that more time may be spent giving patients who require the best care possible.

  • Revenue growth

Businesses that frequently outsource their accounting requirements and other administrative duties like payroll processing and accounts receivable management (RACR) also experience revenue growth! This is so that companies can reduce costs by delegating specific jobs that are directly related to financial management. However, they still have access to web-based technology platforms like RAR, where they may get fast updates and benefit from enhanced security when transferring sensitive data between organizational departments.

  • Verify the billing company’s reputation.

If you’re going to reimburse someone else for something, you require an individual with experience. Before hiring someone, an intelligent approach to determine if they have expertise working on similar projects is to look at their website or social accounts (if they have any). Additionally, speak with past customers who have worked with them directly so they can offer recommendations based on those experiences. By doing this, potential customers will feel more confident that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when working with them after initially signing up!

  • CPT codes for radiology billing

CPT codes are the standard way to communicate with insurance companies. The American Medical Association (AMA) developed these codes, which most organizations in the United States now use. CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and describes the procedures, services, and supplies performed on patients during an office visit or hospital stay.

CPT codes are used for all health care services performed in doctor’s offices and hospitals across the country—including radiology billing. 

Therefore, the American Medical Association maintains a collection of medical principles for radiology with codes ranging from 70010 to 79999. So, all of the radiology billing company uses them to diagnose it. 

70010-76499—Diagnostic Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging) Procedures

76506-76999—Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures

77001-77022—Radiologic Guidance

77046-77067—Breast, Mammography

77071-77092—Bone/Joint Studies

77261-77799–Radiation Oncology Treatment

78012-79999 –Nuclear Medicine Procedures

Radiology Services

Imaging is used in the medical specialty of radiology to diagnose disease. It is an essential subspecialty of internal medicine, diagnostic radiology, and nuclear medicine. These physicians specialize in medical imaging (such as X-rays) to detect bodily abnormalities or injuries.

Most radiologists work in hospitals or other medical facilities across the country. However, some may seek opportunities outside their employment for better compensation or more compelling cases.

Radiologic technologists perform all tasks related to acquiring and processing images from various sources. Though managing a radiology practice may seem simple, it can be tricky. Radiology billing is a highly technical field that demands far more than a basic understanding of computers. Therefore, hiring an expert to get these services is always a good idea.   

Why do you need to outsource the radiology billing services?

You are a radiologist, and you have done your job well. You have diagnosed the patient and found out what is wrong with them. Then, you decide to bill the insurance company for this medical bill. However, things don’t always go as planned could be due to many factors:

  • The patient doesn’t understand English or Hindi
  • The insurance company’s language is not English or Hindi
  • The billing manager does not understand radiology billing

Additionally, many factors would make you hire these services: 

Insufficient and incorrect documentation

The first is that radiology bills need to be revised and completed. This is because many providers need more time to finish the documentation. The second reason is that due to the complexity of radiology billing, it can be challenging for individuals to stay current on carrier criteria, coding standards, and policy changes. They find it extremely challenging to bill as a result appropriately.

Updates to the Coding Standards

To appropriately bill patients for their treatments, providers must update their coding software and billing system in response to changes in coding recommendations. To utilize your medical billing for radiology software without any issues on any given day, you must ensure that it is current with the most recent versions accessible.

Keep up to date with changes to policies and regulations

It might be challenging to stay on top of all these modifications. Because so many laws and regulations impact radiology billing. Additionally, you must adhere to the carrier’s requirements as they evolve. Before filing your claims, check that the carriers have approved them so your payments may be appropriately processed.

So, in this situation, hiring a good agency is always a good option for you. But, moreover, you should always make sure to opt for the right one that would go with your budget. 

Coding/Bill Payment Process of Radiology

Radiology billing is a process of charging patients for radiology services. The process involves coding, payment, and reimbursement. Consequently, it is crucial to comprehend the procedure before hiring a medical billing agency or consultant. The coding system used by radiology medical billing company practitioners when they bill their patients is based on an algorithm created by the American College of Radiology (ACR). This algorithm helps determine which fee schedule applies to each imaging service performed on an individual patient during any given visit to your practice. Each fee schedule has its unique code assigned; these codes are used by all professionals who perform diagnostic imaging tests as part of their yearly visits with you. 

Medical Terminologies

Medical terminology is the language of medicine, and it’s essential to understand what you’re talking about. There are many different types of medical terminology:

  • The names of diseases and conditions; for example, appendicitis or cancer
  • The terms of drugs used to treat those diseases; for example, penicillin or aspirin
  • The terms of surgical procedures performed by doctors; for example, bypass surgery or cataract surgery

What things should you look for before hiring a good billing agency?

Before choosing a professional medical billing company, you should consider the following factors:

  • Check the credentials of the company. Does it have enough experience? If not, how long has it been in business? What’s your opinion about their credibility as a medical billing service provider and how much they cost you monthly?
  • Check reviews and ratings of customers who hired them before. Suppose multiple reviews or complaints are posted online by different people about this particular company (or any other). In that case, there is something wrong with their services or products, so avoid working with them at all costs. 


So, you must have understood the need for medical billing for radiology services by now. Our team of medical billing experts is always ready to assist you with your medical billings. You can contact U Control Billing at any time and get in touch with us for additional information on how we may assist you or if you need assistance with your radiology bills. 


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