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Fast turnaround and Increase Cashflow


Software Flexible and Accurate Submission

Billing System Of Your Choice

Personalized service for each client according to HIPAA regulations

Transparent Services

All of our procedures and reports are transparent.

Making Practice More Profitable

We strive to leave no claim unpaid

Internal Coding

Internal Medicine Billing and Coding

The revenue generated from internal medicine billing is interlinked with timely billing, instant follow-ups, and managing reimbursements. Therefore, outsourcing your internal medicine billing services from an authentic and credible medical billing and coding company is a significant challenge for every healthcare provider. Seek the benefit of outsourcing the internal medicine billing services from U Control billing to accelerate your revenue flow.

How Can U Control Billing Help?

We have years of experience handling Internal Medicine Billing tasks with accuracy and perfection. Internal Medicine Billing Services include:


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Internal medicine billing and Analysis


Providers Credentialing Analysis


AR Follow Up


Demographics and Charge Entry


Collection and Denial Analysis


24/7 Customer


Payment Posting

What to Expect?

Our internal medicine billing process goes through a well-defined and structured approach with the prior aim of making care providers and their patients happy. In addition, our advanced technological system minimizes your claim rejections and uplifts your revenue streams.

What to Expect

Technology Partners

Why Choose Us?

HIPAA Compliant

Maximize Revenues

Hassle-free Process

We have a Skilled and
Talented Staff

Our team handles the complete communication process with insurance companies

Using the latest and advanced medical billing technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What does U Control Billing do?

We provide Practice Management and Medical Billing Services including Patient Billing, connection with collections agency and many more to optimize outcomes, quality and returns.

Do I need to use U Control Billing’s system only?

No, you can get EHR/PMS of your choice and we can work on any of them.

How is MIPS/MACRA data submitted to CMS?

We submit the data through a best certified registry

Does U Control Billing provide coding services?

Yes, we have a team of certified coders to provide you with the best coding services.

Why U Control Billing?

We are the most adjustable and inexpensive solution available in the industry. We give you an opportunity to work on the HER/PMS of your choice.

Are there any setup fees and long term contracts?

No, there is no setup fee. Our contract is revised on a yearly basis.

What is the startup charge?

There is no startup charge for medical billing and revenue management services.

Can I consult with U Control Billing to buy any software?

Yes, we can suggest multiple softwares to meet your practice needs.

What Clients Say About Us?

  • We had some hiccups in the start however later it became a smooth journey. Their attention to detail and quick response has helped me to improve my collection rate overall. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable billing outsourcing partner and keep control on your billing.
    Eric Blacker
  • They are always quite responsive to any question we may have and have been able to obtain a higher level of claims processed than our previous biller. Their team of billing personal has a level of experience that is unmatched, and they were able to integrate with our EMR seamlessly. I would recommend this company to any private practice looking for a billing service of higher quality.
    Andrea Warburton
  • UControl Billing has helped me grow my outpatient therapy clinic by taking over the part of billing. They are very efficient and always on top of reimbursements. I would highly recommend this company to any Medical Professionals looking for a trusted billing outsourcing partner.
    Linda Lukose

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