Best 5 Telemedicine Software For Practice Management

Touseef Riaz

July 6, 2022

best medical billing software

Telemedicine software allows the remote patient care system by enabling online interaction between surgeon and patient. Telemedicine software permits patients and surgeons to intermingle online through video calling, which is very useful for patients living in rural areas who don’t have any access to doctors in their surroundings. 

If the doctor is unavailable in your area, traveling far distances can be dangerous for a patient. After the emergence of COVID-19, this practice has become more popular for patients who are cautious to visit hospitals for routine checkups or other minor issues. 

Additionally, other benefits of telemedicine services are that it’s easily available and obtainable 24/7. These are the things that make this option attractive for the patients. 

Information technology and mobile technology development have made telemedicine billing software even more effective. You have to choose from different telemedicine software as many options are available. Doctors can monitor your existing condition even through online interaction. 

best telemedicine software

It has become common practice to integrate telemedicine software with other health practice management software like Electronic Health Records (EHR). 

The effectiveness of telemedicine software depends on its integration with all major healthcare software to provide patients with extraordinary healthcare facilities.  In this article, we will explain the best software for telemedicine that are effective in usage. 


Mend is extremely beneficial telemedicine software working on increasing efficiency and generating revenues by plummeting the figure of missed appointments. This is done by adding SMS appointment notifications, online forms, and the self-scheduling of patients.  

Of course, it offers video and audio calling options and multiple automated processes that can improve productivity. You can also easily fill out online forms without much of manual entries. 

Another useful feature of this software includes survey options that allow you to examine any shortfalls in your services. Through this, you can avoid negative reviews that can distort your reputation. 

Doxy Me 

Doxy Me is an easy-to-use and safe telemedicine software that can run in any search engine. You don’t have to download any software, it’s simple and can be integrated with EHR or PM (Practice Management) Software. 

The drawback of Doxy me is that no mobile applications are there for the software through which we can easily use this tool. The software’s unique competitive advantage is that it is free for users with unlimited messages and voice and video communication, which makes it an irreplaceable tool. 

Pricing features are also available in this software beyond the basic version. The basic version of Doxy me is HIPAA compliant, and the medical professional provides further security to the patient data. The video quality of the Basic version is low quality. 

The Professional or paid version of this software will enable email and message notifications, scheduling call or video arrangements, and editing waiting rooms. The quality of the video will also be converted to HD, relying on your internet speed. 

Physicians use the Clinical version of the software. Under this version, the features like administration, security, and promotion are provided to the medical practitioners. For instance, you can call in groups and capture photos, screen sharing, and file sharing. Moreover, you can visit their site to check out the more attractive features they offer. 

AMC Health 

AMC Health is the advanced version of telemedicine software having a prior focus on healthcare monitoring and includes comprehensive services. The attractive features of this software include tracking and Bluetooth connectedness through which you can send your biometric data.

The software is effective enough to enhance telemedicine services. The Bluetooth feature of AMC health allows the remote usage of devices like the thermometer, pulse rate, blood pressure, and many more. It is also responsible for dropping expenses for clinical trials in the case of healthcare and clinical research for pharmaceutical and medical research organizations. 

No definite pricing plan for this software. You have to contact AMC health’s sales representative for further information regarding price and other features. 


swyMed provides telemedicine services for hospitals, paramedicine programs for the community, emergency case handling, and others. They offer mobile solutions capable of providing HQ connections under low bandwidth. 

Paramedicine programs for the community deliver live video communications and take care of home health nursing, particularly when the case is serious. The mobile application of this software provides help to emergency case respondents when they are at home or on the way to the hospital. 

The software provides a camera and glasses with a microphone and video link that are integrated and utilized anywhere in the time of need. 

swyMed also provides services to hospitals by easily integrating into EHR, PM, and medical devices. It allows simultaneous communication of doctors with all of their clients. You can visit their site for the pricing offers. 


Teladoc is not a complete telemedicine service solution nor helps during emergency cases. It’s a convenient solution for patients’ vast network of national doctors. The patients can utilize the mobile application to access Teladoc and communicate with doctors about their routine illnesses or any health-related issues. 

Individual doctors can spread their professional practice if they make themselves accessible to any patient demanding services nationwide. It can result in a long-term relationship between patients and doctors as patients will feel that there is someone to listen to their health-related issues. 

It’s important to consider that this practice is not available for emergency care. It includes routine checkups and providing antibiotics to patients. 

Rather than developing a long-term patient-doctor relationship, Teledoc is designed to assist people with easy access to repetitive medical checkups or care. The prices are different rendering to the services opted for and insurance type. You can contact their service center or visit the site for further information. 

Effectiveness of Telemedicine Software in Medical Billing 

Telemedicine software is a great revolution in the field of medical billing. Now, payments can be made via this software, and billing has become easier than before. 

They have maximized the medical working efficiency, and patients in their homes can get healthcare services. All the medical billing processes can be operated through the use of this software. Ultimately this results in patient satisfaction and revenue generation. 

Telemedicine at U Control billing

Uncontrol billing is included among the best medical billing company in the US. We enhance your revenue cycle management process and ensure you get the maximum profits with minimal claim denials. 

Telemedicine billing can be tricky as the rules are changing continuously, and you have to follow them to get reimbursements. Our team of medical billing experts has significant knowledge in handling these aspects. 

You can contact us and schedule an appointment for any question or query you have regarding any aspect of medical billing, including telemedicine services. 

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