Best Medical Billing Services New York

Touseef Riaz

April 4, 2022

Best Medical Billing Services New York

Medical billing services in New York are getting more popular day by day. New York’s health care spending overall and per capita are among the highest in the nation. There is a clear acceleration in health spending over the last few years, with the current spending estimated at around $300 billion annually and increasing. Even though New York’s total health spending as a percent of gross state product is similar to the national average, it has clearly grown over time.

Given the competition and the sheer pace of the health sector in New York, operating a medical practice in the state in parallel to managing the medical billing department can become a cumbersome job. This is the reason that every year, more physicians and medical care providers prefer to outsource their medical billing and coding process.

By outsourcing billing services to a medical billing company, you and your front desk can give attention to generating accurate medical documents and serving quality patient care. Whether you are a primary care physician or operating a hospital and looking for medical billing services in New York, U Control Billing can help make your practice more profitable and efficient by improving your revenue cycle.

Best Medical Billing Services New York - UCONTROLBILLING

Medical Billing Services in New York

There has been a shift towards hiring professional medical billing and coding experts to take over the billing process where the maximum percentage of physicians in New York prefer professional services. But the cost of maintaining these professionals and associating them with a practice full-time can be very high in the state. Thus, there has been an increasing trend in outsourcing to expert medical billing companies in NY.

The surge toward medical billing services in New York also means that procuring professional billers and coders becomes increasingly difficult and more expensive than in most other states.

Another reason to outsource medical billing services is to optimize costs and enhance revenues. The federal government for some time has been emphasizing reducing the healthcare cost in the state which is only possible through the support of healthcare physicians. Letting a specialist handle medical billing is a sure way to improve collections by over 20%.

However, accurate billing plus timely insurance follow-ups are necessary if you are looking to achieve maximum profitability for your medical practice. A reputable medical billing company comes in handy since they have dedicated experts round the clock, various certifications and software knowledge relating to the billing process.

U Control – The Complete Billing Solution

U Control Billing is recognized as one of the top medical billing companies in NY. Our team of expert billers is specialized in in-service medical practices as per the regulations of the state department. With years of experience in the bag, we ensure that your medical billing processes are performed meticulously, collecting more revenue for your practice.

At U Control Billing, we take pride in not just providing you with the best medical billing services in NY, but also because each of our clients receives the personal attention and commitment to ensure their authority in their respective domains. By using our end-to-end revenue cycle management solution, you and your staff can focus on what is important; patient care and running your medical practice the right way!

Leave it to our team of experts to handle all the crucial areas of your entire billing process, including claim creations, follow-ups, denials, appeals, payment posting and reporting. The team helps practices protect patient information, minimize interruptions in cash flow due to staff turnover and absences, elimination of backlogs and provide continuity of revenue collections. Our customers love us because of our benefits like:

– Visible increase in revenue

– Follow-ups on partially or rejected claims

– Better code utilization for accurate bills

– Use of best practices throughout the process

– Faster claims processing due to a dedicated team of billers

The United States Bureau of Statistics predicts a severe shortage of medical coders in the coming years. Since UControl Billing possesses the biggest team of medical billers in New York, you can be sure to get dedicated resources of your choice in almost all the major cities.

How Does Our Medical Billing Process Work?

UControl Billing offers a complete revenue cycle management, starting off when your patient walks in the door till the payment is received for the medical service you provided. We proactively increase your revenue collections and ensure that you have full freedom to run your practice your way.

Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

The fee schedule process is complex, and it is common for practices to not be aware of the most recent information or have the wrong information altogether. This means a distorted fee schedule leading to undercharging insurance companies and loss in revenue. Our fee schedule analysis helps to avoid just that, determining where you are and what you need to be doing to get the most out of the fee schedules.

Eligibility Verification

According to some estimates, one of the major reasons that claims are denied is that the patient is not eligible for the services rendered by the healthcare provider. It is therefore super important to complete an eligibility verification of the patient before their visit. It may be one of the most neglected processes in the billing cycle, however, we ensure a proper eligibility check on the patient and obtain the required authorization prior to avoid any hiccups later.

Reduce Rejections and Denials

When it comes to healthcare reimbursements, rejections and denials are one of the biggest obstacles. We adopt several actions points to ensure that your practice has little to no ratio of denied or rejected medical claims including interpreting the claims data properly, employing a proactive stance to avoid common mistakes in coding and billing, analysis of trends in previous denials and rejections, optimizing the claim management process and performing predictive analysis to flag potential denials before a claim is submitted.

Claim Reviews

Our medical billing services in New York include conducting thorough medical reviews to identify any errors. Using claims analysis and medical record review activities, our team ensures that you get the correct payments and identify and recovers any improper payments made if. We also love to educate practices on this to ensure future compliance.

Recover Patient Balances

An effective recovery strategy is adamant if you want quicker payments and an overall better financial performance. We help solve your specific billing challenges with practices revolutionizing the medical debt collection industry. Using our proprietary technology and a culture that focuses on the patient, we ensure an early-out program designed to maximize both patient loyalty and revenue.

Customized Monthly Financial Reports

Each month, we provide our customers with financial reports that are tailor-made as per requirements that help them closely track their practice’s financial health. Our team meets with you to personally review the reports and answer your questions. The reports are clear, concise and easy to read, effectively providing a financial analysis using custom metrics.

Free Audit

U Control Billing is proud to say we are one of the best Medical Billing Services in New York providing free billing audits for physicians and clinics. Hit the support button to get customized pricing and planning from our team.

What Our Medical Billing Services Can Do for You?

U Control Billing is a pioneer medical billing company, providing medical practices and hospitals with hassle-free and reliable medical billing and coding in New York. The primary focus is to ensure comprehensive assistance and support in medical outsourcing and reimbursements.

We use a flexible, variable schedule of fees to provide affordable services along with superior customer services. Our success is dependent upon the success of our clients, and we strive to leave no claim unpaid. Clients can easily justify the cost through increased recovery and lower overhead.

We take responsibility for handling the medical billing codes, submitting documentation to insurance companies, scheduling appointments, dealing with day-to-day medical billing procedures, clarifying insurance benefits to patients, and filling out medical insurance claim forms.

Why U Control Billing?

Being the leading medical billing company in NY, we take deep pride in our team of qualified and extensively experienced individuals who have a complete understanding of the billing and coding processes. We know how to move through the process without hassling the client or your team. The perfect blend of knowledge and experience gives us an edge over the other companies offering medical billing services in New York.

Our in-house training ensures the continuous professional development of all the team members. It not only keeps them up-to-date with the latest changes but also with advanced technology and new procedures.

Our medical billing NYC incorporates all the latest IT capabilities into custom build systems that ensure that proper leverage is provided for maximum efficiency in your processes as well as ours.

We understand the sensitive nature of the information provided to us therefore we use all the necessary processes for protecting your data from any mishandling. With us, all your data is in safe hands, and we consider it our utmost responsibility to keep it confidential.

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